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Day Camp Information June 24-28, 2019

LOCATION: Oak Park Ice Arena Stockton Ca
Dates: Monday June 24- Friday June 28, 2019
Price: $350.00

Why Leave Hockey Development Day Camp teaches technical skill and hockey sense in 3 hour ice blocks over the course of the week. The sessions are broken into technical skill development, progressing into small area games that task the players to concentrate on their hockey sense development. 

Technical skills include the fundamental skills required to play the game of hockey

Puck Control
Passing and Receiving
Checking/Body Contact
Puck Protection

Why Leave Hockey also concentrates on mental development with the athletes.  This development consists of memory, perception, language, information processing, and thinking ability, as well as the cognitive: The knowledge to understand the rules of play, game terminology, team concepts, and the intellect to make a decision on the fly using cognitive knowledge.

Hockey Sense                         Game Situation                            Technical Skill
Understanding                      Offense Puck Carrier                   On Offense
Reading Play                           Offense Away Puck                      On Defense
Decision Making                   Defend Puck Carrier
                                                        Defense Away Puck

Why Leave Hockey Development coaches simple yet complex skill development. Why Leave coaches must be able to:

Separate the strong parts of technique from the weak parts
Focus on the important parts of technique
Find a way to correct technique
Break complex skills down into simpler parts
Put the whole technique back together

Through the repetition of simple drills during the week,  our experience, knowledge base, and approach model will develop in you greater congruency, focus, and clarity to your game.  

HOCKEY SENSE-  A continuous observing of the environment of the game while playing (reading the game), thinking, and decision-making. This is shown in the player's actions on the ice.

Understanding the game
Reading the game

These abilities will be learned during this Day Camp