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Consulting Services for Northern California’s elite hockey athletes

Hiring a professional to advise you and your family is a big decision. When an athlete is ready to take the next step to further their hockey career, a family and athlete advisor can help navigate the process and ensure both the athlete and the family are prepared for the steps ahead.  WLHD creates custom tailored plans and programs for each athlete specific to the athlete's goals and development needs.

There are two primary reasons an athlete would consider enlisting the services of WLHD.  Network connections and an experienced coach. Veteran NHL coach, Derek Eisler stands alone in Northern California with his network of connections through junior hockey all the way into the NHL. 

 WLHD is selective in the athletes we work with.  We look for committed and determined individuals who are serious about taking their development to the next level. 

The first step of the process is to meet with the WLHD group and determine which player services are right for you.